BANG! Media Group is a young, fast growing IT oriented company. Our headquarters are based in the old centre of Amsterdam near the Central Station. Our team currently holds 10 employees (in-house and outsourced) that includes programmers, designers, project managers and media buyers.

Traffic Generation
We specialize in generating Internet traffic, targeted to send to various sites as an affiliate. We have a strong skill for traffic filtering and re-targeting (Geo based, language based, IP based). The market is extremely competitive and we are constantly improving our technology, knowledge and resources to be 100% accurate and up-to-date.

Our consultancy department provides insight for the 3 major markets we operate in. These 3 markets (US, CA and Europe) need to be approached differently since each country has their own unique characteristics and approaches to language, billing methods, look, feel and mailing.We use local tactics to be able to convert them in the best possible way.

Most sites get widely spread users, so it’s important to approach and segment them properly. This ensures your ROI on bought, SEO and affiliated traffic are optimal and your site stays competitive with the market.

BANG! Media Group has developed an unique Conversion Pipeline where the whole process of gaining, converting and retaining a client is captured, monitored and tweaked to make sure the conversions, retentions and profit per unique visitor are as high as possible without losing the value of your product. We believe that any malfunction in this pipeline will decrease conversions drastically so this process needs to be optimised, checked and adjusted constantly to keep on top of the market.

Implementing the Conversion Pipeline Strategy
At this moment we have a steady client base which we want to serve to the best of our abilities. We currently won’t be accepting new clients since we have a preferred waiting list.

Work with us
Currently we are looking for new employees and trainees to help expand our business. If you’re dedicated and eager to learn, contact us. Finds available positions and job descriptions above under the tab Jobs.

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